MV Organic Skincare

MV Skincare is for purists. Unlike most other so-called organic brands which still have undesirable ingredients hiding in the small print, MV hasn’t once deviated from its clean skincare philosophy since its launch, in Australia, in 1997. 

Founder, Sharon McGlinchey is an organic skincare trailblazer, as well as a master facialist. She formulated MV Skincare when she was unable to find a chemical-free moisturiser for a facial client with exceptionally sensitive skin. With nearly all skincare products on the market containing petrochemicals and parabens, Sharon got to work, formulating a basic skincare range of top quality, truly natural products, the ingredients of which started their life in the soil, not the laboratory. Nearly twenty years on, the collection now caters for all skin types, but production is still carried out in small batches to ensure that freshness and quality are not compromised.

MV’s cleansing and moisturising ritual is a relaxing micro-facial that prepares skin perfectly for beauty sleep. Hot compresses activate the essential oils in the aromatherapeutic cream cleanser, stimulate circulation and bring about a sense of wellbeing. The final stage is an application of whichever moisturiser, oil or combination of the two is prescribed for your particular skin – advice is easily located on MV’s website and there is a section that addresses a variety of skin problems.

MV Skincare Products      MV Skincare Radiance Facial Room

The cornerstone of my skincare routine and of MV’s range is the extremely hydrating Rose Moisturiser and, combined with a few drops of MV Rose Oil, it provides overnight therapy for the face. For my normal to dry complexion, this is the ultimate moisturiser, suitable for day as well as night. Every time I am lured away by the promise of a new anti-ageing miracle in a jar, I invariably return to the soothing simplicity of this wonder-cream.

When I am away for the weekend, eventing for example, where my horses are pampered but I am not, a small bottle of MV Jojoba Oil is all I take for removing makeup, cleansing (with a splash of warm water) and moisturising – it’s an effective all-in-one and a dream come true for the light traveller. As will be the combined shampoo, conditioner and body wash that we’re told is in the pipeline.

Unsurprisingly, MV has a huge following among celebrities and beauty industry professionals and, while sold mostly online, is now stocked at Liberty in London.