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Power of the Pen is proud to be affiliated with Total Currency Exchange, a currency broker that provides superb exchange rates and exemplary customer service to both companies and private individuals. 

I was introduced to Total Currency Exchange founder, Phil Allen, when I moved back to the UK at the end of 2016 and needed to convert the proceeds of my house sale, from Australian dollars to pounds sterling. With the Brexit vote having taken place six months earlier and various global political factors creating turmoil in the currency markets, there was significant daily—sometimes hourly—fluctuation and it was a nerve-racking time. However, keeping a constant watch on Bloomberg, Reuters and other news sources, Phil had his finger on the pulse, and was very reassuring.

As I was curious to understand what was causing the volatility, Phil went to great pains to explain the various catalysts, so I could make informed decisions around the timing of my transactions. Being risk averse, I opted to move the funds in several stages, each time at an advantageous level. I have benefitted similarly in converting sterling to euros, and Phil has helped a number of my friends and associates to do the same, with a variety of different currencies.

If you have funds to convert or need to move money internationally, Total Currency Exchange rates are much more favourable than those of the high street banks, and extremely competitive in the currency broking marketplace. And the process is quick and straightforward. On the platform of a FTSE 250 host company, a customer is securely set up with their own multi-currency account in their name, into which they transfer funds in one currency and withdraw in another, having benefitted from the best possible exchange rate. 

Call TCE on +44 (0)1326 459888 and quote Power of the Pen for a preferential rate with no obligation - they will be happy to hear from you, even if just to compare another rate you have been offered. Or, drop me a line if you would like to receive an introductory call from TCE, or have questions you’d like to ask me about their service: / +44 (0)7469 191222. 


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